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Lakeside RC Raceway

Welcome to the Lakeside RC Raceway, here we offer a full raceway for RCs of 1/10th scale and larger. We allow 1/5th scale RCs on our track and are fully supported on the jumps and embankments for the turns. We have a pavilion to setup in for the racers and full power access for your battery charges. We also have a series of videos starting soon on how to start out with a good beginning setup for our amateur series that we will be hosting. If you love watching the races and wanted to start on a budget, we totally recommend you watch this series because you will be able to start our as low as $200 ready to run including batteries. We have several goals going forward and some of these are starting spring of 2022 we will be hosting races for classes including 1/10th, 1/8th, and 1/5th scale RC vehicles. During these races we will be holding a full day of events for all ages. In the near future we will be setting up vendors to come and setup for race days and have food and drinks on site. We will soon have a part store and a way to order new vehicles. 

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Current Events

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